Now that the sun is finally shining bright and the weather is warm in the UK, it is when we have to be extra careful to enjoy it without damaging our skin.

Our patients are always reminded that the main factor of ageing of the skin is the sun damage called photoaging. We have to protect our skin from intense and direct sunlight but also allow our skin to activate vitamin D.

It is very important to remind all the sunbathers that about 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers and about 86% of melanomas are associated with exposure to UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun. This means the majority of skin cancer is PREVENTABLE!


Vitamin D is so important as it promotes absorption of calcium, preventing osteoporosis. It helps cells regenerate, helps maintain a healthy immune system and its associated with controlling our weight. It even improves our mood, this is the reason why we feel sad in the winter when there is less light hence it is not activated. Yes, that’s right vitamin D does not produce its benefits if its not activated by the sun!


Our suggestions:

Activate vitamin D before 10AM and after 4PM, 10 minutes of direct sunlight each day is enough and you won’t get sunburn.

Use sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) above 30 on daily basis, your skin will thank you!

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight between 11-3PM, this is when the sunrays are more intense. Take cover in the shade this reduces UV rays by 75%.

Be careful on cloudy days! Clouds block only 20-40% of UV rays.

Eat foods rich in vitamin D such as oily fish, cheese, mushrooms, eggs, oranges and cereals.

After sun exposure calm your skin with aloe vera gel and moisturize it with rose hip oil this will take care of your skin.


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Aesthetic medicine is for your external goals (physical appearance) and anti-ageing medicine is for your inner goals (health) these are both linked, remember your health will be reflected in your appearance.


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