The most advanced inyectable and non-surgical treatments to improve, maintain and restore your health!



Treatments can be tailored to each need to create a bespoke plan for you. The options are wide and vast allowing us to plan the ideal treatments for you, what do you want to improve?

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We have a huge range of inyectable and non-surgical treatments for managing different goals of the body, whether it is skin laxity causing stretch marks, excess of volume due to resilient fatty deposits or loss of volume due to ageing.



Painless laser procedure to treat vaginal laxity and stress incontinence, in addition to Dr Zafra's signature technique to improve intimate health.



A medical consultation for every need, what can we help you with?


Weight loss

The weight loss method does not include medications of any type and it consists in a diet with high quality protein products indicated in phases according to each individual’s desired weight loss.

The diet requires medical monitoring and products are sold only under doctor’s orders to achieve safely the optimum results. Consultations are scheduled depending on the phase selected to begin with, these from once a month to three per month.


anti agEing

Complete medical consultation focused on early disease detection, metabolic stress and control of age-related disorders that can include genetic testing for cancer and other conditions.

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adult gp

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